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Beni Garrido

As a trained chef, I have always had a passion for creativity (somewhat crazy, too), including in other areas. That's how it happened that since my childhood I have let off steam in my hobby as film and animation producer.

Of course, I never did anything «normal». The first projects were stop motion films and later a short film - science fiction space epic. All without a budget, of course, with a lot of effort and cardboard buildings as backdrops, an irrepressible youthful optimism and, as a result, initially very modest end results. But that did not matter. The main thing was to film something crazy and have fun with it!

Over the time, my experiences grew (and thus also the wisdom) and the works got better and better. At some point there were people who were even willing to pay for my work. And so it started with the first wedding and birthday videos, as well as videos for special occasions, corporate videos, etc... It kept evolving until one day I decided to make my hobby my full-time job.


Today (since 2018) I mainly produce advertising and image videos for SME's and music videos for the music scene, especially for "newcomers", to provide them the best possible start in their careers. Video contributions, interviews and other video projects for have become an integral part of my work. It always gives me great pleasure to tackle a project together with other creative minds and see it through to the end. Photography is also one of my offers, which has been used and expanded more and more recently.

If you want to learn more about me and my work, I invite you to view my credentials or contact me right away.

Schweizer Filmemacher und Fotograf - Beni Garrido
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